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jo bbc world news presented by kcet, los angeles. funding is made possible by the friedman foundation of new york, the newman's own foundation.
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the john d. and katherine t. mac arthur foundation and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> now bbc world news. >> this is world news today. the headlines. fears that iraqi insurgences are trying to reignite sek tearian insurgence. an attack in the city of mosul.
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>> ten days to go before elections in the taliban launch and an attack near government buildings new kabul. more and more russians are fighting the very people who are meant to protect them. police boot at in moss co-. a clash over climate. continents go head to head over greenhouse gas emissions. it's 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london and 2:00 p.m. in baghdad. a series of bomb attacks across the country have provided memories of the attack that brought the koirpt to a civil war a few years ago. there's been several in the
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capitol of baghdad. most target the shiite community. u.s. troops try to wind down their combat role in the country. >> dozens have been killed and wounded in a series of explosions. they came at dawn and all at once. in the north, two explosions went off in a sheea village killing and injurying dozens. mosul is the most dangerous place in the country. monday morning, baghdad too was hit. two car bombs went off in different neighborhoods killing and injurying many more. this string of attacks has killed more people than any other in the last few weeks, explosions have been on the
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rise. last friday, people died in the blasts. there have been smaller attacks in suni neighborhoods too. many fear this could lead to another sectarian war. >> since troops withdrew from the city, the government is trying to show that the situation is getting better. each act of violence makes the message less and less convincing. >> how serious do you think this is? >> it's very serious.
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the fear is that they will repeat the violence from 2006 and 2007. the freak one sis and logistics of it prove it's not only iraqis behind it. >> who are you talking about? >> definitely iran and some other arab countries would like to -- >> that's quite an accusation to say when people are saying the country could go back to civil war, you are saying other countries would like that, you are siing iran. >> yes. a lot of political parties in iraq have been asking the iraqi government to prove that the culprits are from al qaeda or to bring evidence. >> you don't have that prove? >> nobody does. >> you are making 5:0 usations.
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the main evidence is on iraq. since 2006-2007, the shia community has lost as well. the attacks out on the shia community and suni community as well. the vice president has been asking for evidence. until now, they don't have evidence. iraqi forces are not able to
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perform in such a situation. the problem is, as i said, being fill traded by regional powers from 2006. the iraqi parliament has been after the government to come clean about this. >> violence storms across the asia region. in japan, at least 12 people have been killed and more than 2,000 people evacuated after flash floods and land slides. japan's west coast has been struck by typhoon. elsewhere in at least 15 people are dead. parts of eastern china are coping with the aftermath of this storm too. up to 1 million people were
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evacuated on sunday. earlier it struck the philippines leaving at least 22 dead. >> from shanghai, we have a report. >> on its way here, the typhoon killed more than 20 in the fill feens. in taiwan. many are still missing. many spent the night? shelters. goats returned to harbors as waves of up to 89 meters high batered the coast. several hundred homes have said to have collapsed. farm lands
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>> although this storm is said to be weakening, the forecast is warning that strong winds and heavy rains are going to affect this kind of the country for some time. one of the iran candidates has called into an investigation that some detainees have been raped in detention. >> spanish police are investigating whether the armed basa group is still in operation. the blast which caused no injuries oured after a bomb
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attack. >> mrs. clinton has urged angola to hold elections and address the country's human rights record. >> we'll have a full business report in about 25 minute. for sugar, the price is going up. >> yes. it has hit a 28-year high.
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india has had the drive for more. you have to buy this stuff at a higher rate and recover the cost from somebody. it's you and i, the consumer. that's the potential of higher food prices. >> this last year, about march, there were food riots all over. >> 28 years for the price. i look forward to it. >> taliban militants have launched an attack. insurgence fired on the officers taking control in another building. joining me is our correspondent. martin, i sense that some of this is trickling in as we
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speak. >> this incident took place just an hour's drive from the kabul city. they fired rockets into the nearby compound. police chief. many people from where the fighting was taking place. they fired at the insurgence sheltering there. this is not a question of leaving a bomb on a road side or anything. >> we have seen these types of attacks using mult people
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attackers. there's a couple of reasons for that. these institutionals aren't guarded as well as those in the afghan capitol. they are easy to strike at. these what they want to do is shore to the people that the afghan government are weak. do you that by attacking the government institutional. the people will see that the tally- is strength we have seen a number of similar type attacks in resent the significance of this attack is that they are so close to the capitol days ahead of the elections. thank you for that. today's attack comes as 50
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alleged afghan drug traffickers have been placed on a pent he gone list of tarring drug money is helping finance the insurge yen si. thank you for being with us. what do you make of this apparent change of tactic. >> this is something that the u.s. special envoy had already announced a few months ago. i think it is welcome not to go over the farmers but after the
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traffickers. is that the answer? no. you need to go beyond the traffickers. the drug money goes to the gulf andghas pakistan and the formery are both now under attack. >> i think it is a very good point. what the u.s. needs to do is to choose its war carefully. the argument of saying that if you go after traffickers, you are going to weaken the insurge yen si. >> the drug money is a small area where they get money. the main thing that the taliban
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gets from the drug is the leverage on the poor communities. that's where we have been. >> what about the legality of this whole thing? here you have america targeting individuals. how would it stand up. >> the legality was a real question. nato wanted to draft a real request against the policy. if you look at the example in latin america, going after the big guys is not necessarily the the legal inspector is fed by
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this drug money. that's the key. thank you for your time. >> thank you. this is world news today. coming up. it's been called a schmidt of the three amigos. how they have banded possiblity >> divers in new york have recovered 7 of the 9 bobies from the hospital crash. rescue feems are using sown ar to recognize. on board, five members from a
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family from italy celebrating a wedding anniversary. the wife had stayed behind on the ground. the others took the 12 minute tourist trick frjt >> the safety board is not going to release information about the victims that have been recovered. the police chief is handling all of the victim recovery i.d. they will release names only with permission the plane has been found up to 60 feet under water. the family on board seems to be a family from pennsylvania. the plane hadn't filed a flight
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plan, it wasn't required to. pilots here have to navigate viz you'lly. the transport safety board is asking questions about the numbers of small airlines in >> reporting for bbc news. . >> this is world news today. the main headlines, more than 42 people are killed and scored wounded in a series of bomb attacks in iraq. hundreds of thousands of people are in a battle.
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>> braub mexicoing the meeting is to be dominate the by economic issues as well as the fight against the mexico drug cartel. >> i'm sorry to mangle your name there. >> what are the expectations? >> they were high in sdeed. president obama during his campaign promised to carry out the long delate >> president obama said the current climate does not allow this renegotiation to fake take
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place. to talk about other regions like security and even some other issues like immigration reform. >> which are the most important? >> in a way, mexico and canning dau, instead of being interested. they are vieing for the attention%nep tomb mexicans wer claiming refuge innen these are other reasons between the u.s. and mexico relate to the economic conditions. the decision not to allow u.s. trucks has created a certain
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conflict between mexican and >> thank you very much. >> it is their job to proconnect and serve the public. the question being asked in russia where investigators are being n >> we have a special report. it's late april in a super market in south moscow. the local police chief has just walked in with a gun. she's before to start shooting.
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three lie dead and six others seriously injured as the rest try to escape. >> this man was shot once in the back and stomach. he is still recovering with a bullet fracture near his heart. >> my view of the police has changed forever. it's not just many, many people in this neighborhood will never come to trust the police again. >> this girl tried to cross this crossing. >> two weeks, his pregnant wife was hit and killed by a speeding policeman. he didn't even stop.
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>> they just understand that they want the jobs so they could drive as they want, they could do as they want. he is not alone in holding the police in contempt. >> a few days ago, this newspaper public revealed these crimes. we approached the they said we could only recruit the lowest calliber people. police corruption issen democratic. pulling over drivers for minor traffic vie layingses is a luke ra tiff industry.
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that's a $1000 note at about $30. the police >> tiger managed to win a world championship event in owe minus yoe. victory looked unlikely in the final round. he still trailed with three holes to play. the world's number one, he would eventually finish a foot away from the hole. caring tong has see his third shot go back over the sgreen. they had been warned the landed
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in the water and ended up with a patch hopes to turn a good year into an excellent one. return together tennis tour this week and roger fetterer after maternity leave. this man has maintained. win in washington. they took the first set 6-3 and played tref yik tennis. >> the fight >> there was a final set tie break here.
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winner doesn't height the calls for a replay. the technology proved the call was good. >> that's it for me, george. thank you, rustle. >> a summary of our top story. a series of. explosions destroyed a next you can find more news on our website at >> funding was made possible by the freed man foundation of new york. the new nam's aide own foi
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foundation. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> public broadcasting is my source for news around the world.
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